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In the context of our new global market orientation all TRINITY products are only available in direct sale for the time being.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your best offer.

We are sure you will appreciate our fine quality products and very professional service.


TRINITY Golden Reference Power Supply Conditioner   / 22.500,00€*

TRINITY Golden Reference PHONO / 47.100,00€*

TRINITY Golden Reference PREAMP / 53.100,00 €*

TRINITY Golden Reference Power Supply Unit / 20.400,00€*

TRINITY Golden Reference Media PC & Transport / 37.800,00€*

TRINITY Power AMP   / 56.400,00€*

TRINITY PHONO / 26.400,00€*

TRINITY PREAMP / 26.400,00 €*

TRINITY Power DAC / 44.250,00€*

TRINITY RACK with Touchscreen and gold-plated Spacers / 54.000,00€*

TRINITY Power Distrubition Filter / 15.600,00€*

TRINITY Professional Line Microphone AMP   / 4.990,00€*


* Recommended Retail Price incl. 19% German Tax