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From left to right: Daddy Zato, Goldfinger, Heavyman, Daddy Boastin (back),
Pie-e (front), Fabulous G and Isa. Flars missing in this picture. 1999


Trinity Sound System was founded in 1993 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Trinity plays frequently all over Stockholm and all over Sweden and also in Germany, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The first Trinity dance was kept the 30th October 1993 and more than 1000 dances has been kept since.

The six founding members were Fabulous G, Heavyman, Daddy Zato, Governor Andy, Goldfinger and Generator.

Trinity crew 1993. Fabulous G, Governor Andy, Hevyman, Daddy Zato, Generator & Goldfinger

Isa and Pie-e are the Trinity Soldiers and supporting workers and has been with the sound from the beginning.

Trinity was also functioning as the Twelve Tribes of Israel Sound in Sweden 1993-96. The sound split in 1995 and Governor Andy and Generator left to start Gadiators Soundsystem.

Trinity's then most frequent guest artist Daddy Boastin joined the crew in 1997. When Goldfinger retired as selector in 1999, Flars (DJ Flash) joined the crew.

Heavy, Isa, Flars, Boastin, Zato
and Fabulous, Bolidenv, 2002

Trinity has over the years been the definitive most hard working sound crew in Sweden and is one of the very few sounds in Sweden that do have a Sound System.

The first dubplate was cut in 1995 and many many many has been cut since! The very first dub was Plan & Defend with Culture Dan from Jah Love Muzik. You can listen to it here .

Trinity's name is taken from the name of the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I, where selassie means trinity in Amaric, the Ethiopian language.

Daddy Boastin, DJ Flash & Fabulous G

Trinity logo is an ancient Ethiopian symbol for the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.

Trinity Sound System was registered as a Trademark in 1996. For more than a year Mercedes Benz tried to stop Trinity from registering because they said Trinity logo resambles the Mercedes logo. Thanks to PRV, Trinity's trademark registration went through.

Heavyman and Daddy Zato left Trinity Sound System in February 2004 after 10 years in the sound. Jonas joined in 2005 as the new Sound Engineer/Technician.

Ira, from Grenada, joins the crew as the new workman after Isa. In 2009, Jordi from Barcelona Spain is recruited as Trinity Booking Manager.



Trinity logotype (Haile Dredd, 1997)

Original Trinity logo 1993

Trinity membership card 1997
(Haile Dredd)

Daddy Zato in Skara 1996

Fabulous G, Skara 1996

Heavy, Fabulous and Goldfinger 1997

Pie-e and Goldfinger, Skara 1996

Governor Andy, Kulturnatten
Jakobsberg 1994

Generator in Club Subway,
Rådhuset 1994


® Trinity Sound System is a registered trademark. Webmaster: goldfinger@chello.se